What we do

Create magnetic brands

From start-ups to stalwarts to social change movements, we clarify a brand’s purpose and values then devise a strategic plan to keep it at the fore-front of culture. Because we don’t make any money from production, our strategic brand planning is genuinely channel agnostic.

Get inside people’s heads

Before you can connect with people, you need to understand them. We identify the people most important to a brand or campaign’s success, then make sure we understand the world from their perspective. We favour immersive ethnographic research over traditional focus groups.

Design engaging experiences

Today’s brands thrive as much because of what they do with people, as what they say to them. We design eco-systems of interactions and experiences that deepen people’s relationship with your brand and keep them coming back for more.

Tell captivating stories

Whether we’re bringing your customers to life for you; or bringing your brand to life for your customers – from speeches, to scripts to social media strategies- we know how to find and tell a spellbinding story.

Imagine the future

The world is changing at an exponential rate. It’s all too easy for brands to focus on the urgent, and forget to plan for the important changes looming on the horizon. While others are struggling to keep pace, we’ll help you peer round corners to spot the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Share our friends

We’re proud to be friends with some brilliantly talented people – from ethnographic photographers, prize winning writers and documentary film makers to web designers and broadcast media trainers. Make friends with us, and we’d love to introduce you.

Our story

Brand Magpie was founded in 2013 by award winning brand strategist, Megan Peel. After graduating from Pembroke College, Oxford with a first class degree in English Literature, Megan spent over a decade in top London communications agencies, working with clients such as the Home Office; Marks & Spencer; the BBC; Virgin Management, and Simple Cosmetics. Industry awards include the prestigious IPA Effectiveness Grand Prix for the relaunch of Marks & Spencer as Your M&S, and the Marketing Society Grand Prix for the launch of BBC iPlayer.

In 2011, after gaining a publishing deal with Walker Books, Megan decided to embrace the digital age, and work virtually and nomadically, first from the Greek island of Hydra, and then from a farmhouse in the Yorkshire Dales and a base in London.

Brand Magpie was born soon after with the ambition of offering flexible and genuinely channel neutral strategy and storytelling services direct to clients.

Depending on the nature of the project, we collaborate with your existing agency partners, help you find new agency partners, or create bespoke teams of the world’s best freelancers to solve our clients’ challenges in the most innovative and imaginative ways possible.

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